The potential integration of Hulu into Disney+ is still a topic that Disney CEO Bob Chapek frequently brings up. Most recently, the CEO gave a speech at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia & Tech Conference where he elaborated on the topic more.

Currently, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ are offered as part of what Disney regards as a soft bundle. Whereas internationally, Disney+ already has content from Disney’s general entertainment studios like 20th Century Studios, FX, and ABC. And, a merger between Hulu and Disney+ is increasingly likely as more studios combine their streaming services. In light of Disney’s recent efforts to expand the variety of general entertainment programming available on Disney+.

Disney still needs to address a few problems, though, as Comcast still owns 33% of Hulu. When Disney+ is able to acquire the remaining Hulu stock. Disney and Comcast have an agreement that, unless they reach an early settlement. Any company may compelte the sale in 2024

How the branding would operate in the event that Hulu and Disney+ unite is only one of the numerous issues. Its that some Disney fans and shareholders are concerned about. According to Bob Chapek, Disney hasn’t encountered any problems abroad.

Bob Chapek has talked extensively about Disney’s plan over the past few weeks in a variety of interviews. Which seems to indicate that they want a single platform to focus on, not just for entertainment. But also for integrating more corporate synergy, such as providing discounts on vacations, retail, and connecting to their theme parks.

It’s not a great surprise to see Disney telling the American audience that a merger is probable. Given the company’s success with providing a single platform globally. It does seem more a matter of when they merge as opposed to if given the number of other streaming services doing so, such as Paramount+ with Showtime and HBO Max with Discovery+. Combining Hulu with Disney+ has several benefits, including lower expenses and a unified advertising strategy.