Indian American Neal Mohan, who is now the Chief Product Officer at YouTube, will soon take the helm as CEO and join the burgeoning group of CEOs with Indian ancestry who are in charge of major multinational corporations. With the January appointment of Indian-American Ravi Kumar Singisetti as Cognizant’s worldwide CEO. He was promoted to CEO of YouTube. The most ironic part is that American tech behemoths still place a high value on Indian-origin talent at the C-level. Despite the fact that layoffs in the US tech corridor are having an impact on Indians. According to Sourav Agarwal, editor of Travel Beats, a prominent portal for Indians living abroad.

Who is Neal Mohan, the new CEO of YouTube? What does the CEO of YouTube get paid? Following the news’s release, internet users started searching for these terms. He was up in Lucknow, the city famous for its biryani and kebabs, and graduated from Stanford with a BA in Electrical Engineering. He graduated from Stanford University with an MBA as well. Then, he has been in charge of the expansion and creation of YouTube products, such as YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, in his capacity as Chief Product Officer. He advanced YouTube’s user interface on mobile, desktop, and TV platforms. His financial savvy, strategic choices, and leadership in line with Susan Wojcicki’s vision have unlocked YouTube’s potential as a significant source of revenue for Google.

“Neal has a fantastic understanding of our company, our product, our user and creator communities, and our staff. He’ll do a great job leading YouTube. Upon announcing her resignation, Susan Wojcicki praised her top deputy.

Neal Mohan’s pursuit of the American Dream began in 1996 as a senior analyst at Accenture, and ultimately culminated with his career taking off as YouTube’s CEO. He worked for Accenture for 1.5 years before joining DoubleClick Inc., where he eventually rose to the position of Senior Vice President for Strategy and Product Management. In 2008, the Google acquisition of DoubleClick marked a significant turning point in his life. His career graph has only shown highs since that time. He gets the title of Senior Vice President for Display and Video Advertising by Google.

Few people are aware that Neal Mohan was on by Google and gives a massive $100 million stock incentive. When Twitter was trying to hire him as its chief product officer back when it was struggling. Until he was appointed Chief Product Officer of YouTube in 2015. He kept the wheels turning for Google’s Display and Video advertising businesses by developing and implementing strategic solutions. Its for online marketers and media partners around the world.

One of his greatest contributions to YouTube is YouTube Shorts. Which he created to combat the threat posed by TikTok’s explosive growth. As a result, the short-form content section of the video streaming service. YouTube Shorts, was first introduced in India in September 2020. 3.5 billion daily views have increased to 30 daily views for YouTube Shorts. He announced “a new content moderation strategy at YouTube. Targeting violent extremist content on the site” during a White House briefing in 2022 while speaking on behalf of Google.

Under the joint direction of Susan Wojcicki and Neal Mohan, YouTube, which has its headquarters in San Mateo, some 20 miles south of San Francisco. Produced US$ 29 billion in revenue in 2022, or nearly 11.35% of Google’s overall income in the same year.