Disney Plus, a prominent streaming service that started in 2019, features content from Disney’s vintage archives, as well as the Marvel and Star Wars brands, to mention a few. While everything works fine, if you pay to Disney+, you may sometimes see “Error Code 42.”

Troubleshoot Error Code 42, which says, “We apologise for the inconvenience; we are unable to connect you to the service. Please make sure you’re still connected to the internet and try again “is a rather basic warning indicating that the movie you’d want to watch cannot be shown. It is frequently caused by an internet or connection problem.

You may either take a break and read a book for a few hours or try to address the problem so you can resume gorging. Some issues are beyond your control, but there are a few troubleshooting procedures that may help you resolve Disney Plus Error Code 42.

What Is the Meaning of Disney Plus Error Code 42?

The Disney Plus Error Code 42 is caused by problems connecting to the Disney+ service. It can also arise in the form of an audio glitch, in which you can only hear the playback sound but see a blank screen, or in which you cannot hear or see anything at all.

Because it is not region-specific, it might appear while streaming Hotstar in the United States or Disney Plus in Thailand. Let us now investigate the reasons for Error Code 42.

How Do I Resolve Disney+ Error 42?

When you select a Disney Plus TV episode or movie and obtain Error Code 42, the easiest first step is to restart your device. If you’re using a streaming media device, such as a Roku, unplug it for two minutes, then reconnect it.

If the Disney error number 42 continues, you can resolve it using one of the nine easy techniques listed below:

Start Your Streaming Device Again.

When you choose a TV episode or movie on Disney Plus and receive Error Code 42, the simplest first approach is to reset the device. When you’re using a media streaming device, such as a Roku, unplug it for two minutes, then reconnect it. If the issue is occurring on your computer, tablet, or phone, shut it down and restart it.

Sign in and Out of Disney Plus.

Signing out and then back into Disney Plus on your streaming device may sometimes suffice. Start the Disney Plus Begin app on most devices, choose your account icon, and then select Log Out. Sign out entirely, then sign back in with your username and password and try again.

Check to See Whether Disney Plus Is Unavailable.

Unfortunately, the issue may not be anything you can resolve on your end; it may be a Disney Plus downtime. This is uncommon, but it does occur. The quickest method to find out is to visit Downdetector’s Disney Plus network status page, or just Google “is Disney Plus down.”

Examine Your WiFi Connection

Here’s a hint: Try using Disney Plus Begin Code on a different device if you have one. If you see the same error message on both devices and Downdetector does not identify an outage, your WiFi network is most likely to blame.

Restart your WiFi router and modem. Unplug both for at least two minutes, then turn on the modem, wait for it to fully boot, and then turn on the WiFi router. After your system has been restored, ensure that you have a strong WiFi signal wherever you are attempting to stream.

Delete your Cache

If you’re attempting to watch Disney Plus on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, there might be an issue with the app’s data cache that is interfering with its ability to establish a solid connection.

It is simple to clean the cache on an Android device. The steps may differ depending on the version of Android you’re using, but here’s the basic procedure:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select Disney Plus from the list of applications.
  4. Select Storage & cache.
  5. Select Clear cache.

There is no way to erase the cache on an iPhone or iPad without removing the software, so go along and do that – delete Disney Plus, then reinstall it from the App Store and enter back into your Disney Plus account.

Install the Disney Plus App Again.

If nothing else works, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Disney Plus app. If you’ve narrowed the problem down to a single device — it works on other devices on the same WiFi network, for example — and emptying the cache had no impact, or you were unable to delete the cache, this might cure the problem.

Remove the Disney Plus app from the affected device. The precise technique varies, but here is a guide on deleting apps from most common devices, as well as how to delete a Roku streaming channel. After uninstalling Disney Plus, reinstall it from the app store on your smartphone and login back into your account. Then check to see whether Error Code 42 has been resolved.

Modify the DNS Server Settings.

Your internet service provider (ISP) sets a default DNS server to all devices on your network, which converts hostnames to IP addresses. There are many free and public DNS servers you may use to get better connections.


One of the most popular problem codes is Disney Plus Error Code 42. It can happen everywhere, whether you’re trying to stream Disney Plus in Indonesia or Canada. We have included the most efficient fast remedies to assist you in resolving this problem as soon as possible. 

Disney Error Code 42 is a typical issue since the internet may be sluggish or there may be other connectivity difficulties. In addition to the solutions suggested above for Disney Error Code 42, you can contact your Internet Service Provider to resolve the problem. You may also attempt to determine whether the issue is with your internet or the app.