As Billie and Jesse are in a relationship, people are talking about their unfortunate choice of opting for the couple’s dress code for Halloween.

What is Halloween

It is a festival unique to western nations. Its goal is to make the ancestors’ souls more at ease. But now that it has aged fairly well, people still talk a lot about it because of the outfit they wore that day. This has also been the subject of numerous stories. 

Why do People Celebrate Halloween?

For millennia, people in Ireland and Scotland have observed Halloween, which was originally a Celtic celebration called Samhain. It’s on the 1st of November so that’s why people start celebrating Halloween on the 31st of October every year. Then, slowly western countries start adopting this culture and start celebrating it. On that day, people set bonfires and donned costumes in an effort to ward off ghosts. Because it was believed that day, the souls of the deceased visited their houses.

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Why are Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford Stuck into This?

Eilish and Rutherford are always part of trolls as soon as the world gets to know about their relationship. The main reason behind this is the huge age gap between both. Billie Eilish just came out from her teenage years and is in her 20s, whereas Jesse Rutherford is 31 years old. Proper eleven years of age difference which is more than a decade. Also, one of the main reasons behind these rumors is the scientific reason according to the research. The reason is that it takes around 25 years of age for a person to get properly mature in mind and to take proper decisions. And, Billie is 5 years away from that.

The couple got into the memes for dressing for Halloween, as Billie Eilish and her Boyfriend Jesse Rutherford dressed up together like a Baby and an old man. People start trolling by saying that they already have a huge age difference and after that wearing this kind of disgusting costume. As it’s every individual’s choice what he/she likes to wear on this day. But the public starts trolling celebrities or other people god knows why people enjoy doing this. Else, what do they get from all this? The Main attraction for Halloween day is the costume, every individual including children wears scary clothes.