Thanks to a collaboration with IMAX, select movies are now accessible on in expanded aspect ratio. IMAX Enhanced movies use the modified resolution but do not yet include other features like Digital Theatre Sound (DTS).

When adopting the 1:90:1 aspect ratio, the size of those recognized black bars at the top and bottom of the screen is diminished with a higher image.

When the feature is activated, viewing a movie through a letterbox slot could feel like you’ve stumbled into an actual IMAX theatre.

Watch Disney Plus Movies in IMAX Resolution

  • Use the web to search for Disney Plus or open the app.
  • When picking a movie, make sure the IMAX ENHANCED label is present alongside the film’s specifics.
  • From the VERSIONS option, choose the IMAX Enhanced version.

Prior to making your initial decision, there will be no visual sign of compatibility. The phrase “Now Streaming in IMAX Enhanced” will appear beneath the title of the chosen movie. The IMAX ENHANCED label also displays next to the information about the genre and running time of the film.

Watch Disney Plus Movies & More in IMAX Enhanced

If you are also a fan of Marvel, then you will be happy to know that you can enjoy watching all the Marvel movies in an enriching IMAX. To help you to decide we have a list of movies in IMAX resolution:-

Disney Plus IMAX

  • Doctor Strange
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp¬†
  • Black Panther
  • Avengers: Infinity war
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Black Widow
  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings¬†
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 1& 2
  • Thor: Ragnarok

Which Devices Does It Support?

Which devices are compatible with the IMAX-quality Disney Plus movies above? Currently, IMAX-enhanced certified technology is available for purchase in Japan, the USA, China, and Europe. Therefore, the content with an enhanced ratio is only accessible to users in these countries.

Additionally, viewing IMAX Enhanced content on Disney’s streaming platforms does not require an IMAX Enhanced-certified device. The subset of TVs, speakers, projectors and AV receivers that do so identifies on IMAX. You will therefore be completely optimised and prepared to benefit fully from IMAX’s visual and audio technology if you utilise any of these authorised devices.

Other Features May Appear in the Future

In the competition among streaming services, the one that provides top-notch content and cutting-edge features at an affordable price will win.

With the inclusion of IMAX Enhanced material, tv is also one step closer to replicating the theatrical experience. In a time when movie theatres are losing their appeal, any streaming service that embraces the trend toward home solutions will scoop up a sizable percentage of the audience.

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