OTT platforms are gaining popularity and are a fantastic source of entertainment. To compete with Netflix, a number of major companies, including Amazon, Apple, and HBO, have introduced their own OTT platforms in the past two years.

Disney Plus is an OTT platform that Walt Disney previously introduced. On Disney, there is a tonne of movies, TV shows, and documentary programs.

When watching a movie or TV show on Disney. Some customers have complained that they are experiencing this strange issue known as Disney Plus Error Code 142.

What’s Disney Plus Error Code 142?

Disney Plus has various faults, much like other streaming services, and Disney Plus error 142 is one of the more annoying ones.

Numerous users have expressed frustration over the inability to view the show on a laptop or their smart TV when using the Disney Plus app. Always they begin watching a movie or a TV show, they continue to receive the error code 142.

Typically, Error Code 142 appears when there is a server-side issue. When Disney’s servers are offline or undergoing maintenance, this problem frequently manifests itself on the platform.

Occasionally a bad internet connection or the exposed app can cause the Disney Plus Begin error code 142 to appear.

How to Fix Error Code 142 on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus Error Code 142 is easy to resolve. If you are using Disney on the browser, the most common fix is to restart the website. In the event something doesn’t work, try these troubleshooting steps.

Therefore, the following actions will help you resolve Disney Plus Error Code 142.

Plus Error Code 142

Method 1: Close the Disney App and Reopen it Again

The Disney Plus app should be closed and restarted as a first step in addressing this problem. Typically, all streaming services may be fixed by just restarting your phone, laptop, or TV app.

After then, see if the issue has been solved by watching a movie.

You can also restart your television, phone, or laptop before using the software once more.

Method 2: Check Your Internet Connection

Internet connectivity issues or total lack of internet access is one of the main causes of error code 142.

If your TV or smartphone is experiencing this problem, check your Internet connection. The steps to troubleshooting the Internet connection are below.

Step 1: Your modem or router should restart first to determine if the issue has been fixed.

Step 2: Check to see whether the issue continues after 30 seconds of turning off your router. Turn off WiFi on your TV and phone as well.

Start your router after 30 seconds have passed. Check to check if you can get TV series or movies by connecting to WiFi on your phone.

Try exploring several websites to determine whether you can stream material or not. In case, you are facing the as-it-is problem, the ISP may be at fault.

Ask your Internet service provider to examine your connection by getting in touch with them. Go to or to check the speed of your internet connection in the meantime.

Method 3: Check Disney Server

We sometimes see problems like this because of Disney servers. It is essential to check whether the Disney servers are operational before attempting any other fix.

You can check Disney Plus’ official social media accounts or third-party websites like down detector to see the current status of the Disney server.

You will require to wait until Disney solves the problem if its servers are down.

Method 4: Sign Out of Disney Plus

In case, you face error 142 on your mobile or TV, sign out of your login/begin account.

After quitting the browser or application, restart it.

Check your Disney + account to determine if this was successful in addressing your problem.

Method 5: Update the Disney Plus App

Firstly, Check the app version if you are using the Disney Plus app on your TV, PC, or mobile. Sometimes an old software version can cause this Disney Plus connection issue.

Update your Disney Plus app to address this problem and check to see if it fixes the problem.

Method 6: Uninstall and Re-install the Disney Plus App

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Disney Plus app from the app store if updating the Disney app isn’t working for you.

After doing this, your account will be renewed and connected to the Disney Plus server.

Method 7: Disable Proxy or VPN App

Disable any proxies or VPN apps you may be using. A VPN program or proxy may occasionally prevent you from watching a movie or TV show.

Remember to restart your smartphone and open the login/begin app after removing your VPN.

Method 8: Use Different Devices or Browser

Occasionally, issues with your browser’s cache or cookies can cause error code 142 to appear when you’re watching a movie on Disney Plus.

Try using a different browser on your PC in this situation and check to see if Disney Plus is operational or not.