Joe Biden took office as the 46th president of the United States on January 20, 2021. Biden, a Democrat from Delaware who had previously been Barack Obama’s vice president, defeated Republican incumbent Donald Trump to win the 2020 presidential election.

Democratic Party leader Joe Biden claimed that his party surpassed predictions and halted the “red wave” of the opposition in the countrywide midterm votes. Both parties had 48 representatives in the 100-member US Senate. With 207 seats to the Democratic Party’s 183 in the House of Representatives. The Republican Party (GOP) maintained a narrow majority.

According to reports made after the election, this was the best midterm polling performance by a president in decades. There are some expectations from GOP to win more seats than the 218-seat threshold. But this is still well short of the expectations of winning the midterm elections and at least crossing 250 seats.

Biden assured reporters at a press conference held at the White House that he would maintain his present course of action since it had “worked so far.”

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Even though I am not aware of all the results, we know the following. There wasn’t a massive red wave as predicted by the media and analysts. I understand that my unceasing optimism annoyed you somewhat, but I felt fantastic throughout the entire procedure. I believed we would succeed, he added.

The US president noted that while voters expressed their concerns about rising costs and the need to lower inflation. Biden’s party lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives and had the largest midterm for governor since 1986. Compared to other Democratic presidents’ first midterm elections over the preceding 40 years.

The American people, according to Biden, made it “obvious and unambiguous” that they wanted to defend individual freedom. And preserve democracy in the nation during the press conference held in the White House’s historic Dining Room.

Biden was adamant that his ideas get support because they were working and the country was heading on the right path. He argues that 10 million new jobs are out since he came into power due to his economic efforts. From 6.4 when he claims to 3.7 percent now, the unemployment rate is at or very close to a 50-year low.